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Coffee in times of Covid 19, what’s next?

by in news June 22, 2020


Edwin Wholmers. Finca Bremen, Baja Verapaz Guatemala.

1. How do you think this new reality is affecting and will in terms of coffee consumption?

For the time been I will think that consumers will take out the old coffe machines and start brewing at home, increasing their online purchase. Later on, my impression is that the coffee shop experience will be recreated at home, with all the great and beautiful expresso machines in the market for example. My guess is that the consumption of coffee either way will increase. 

2. What about the price?

The price for green coffee, has been on the lows side for 4 years now. Producers of washed arabica, are still trying to adapt after the rust outbreak during 2012-13. Do to that much of the coffee plantation had to be replace with new resistance variety’s and with no crediit access at all. I will think that will have a supply shortage in the upcoming crops. There for we should see a price increase. 

3. Is the supply warrantied?

Difficult to affirm these, there is always coffee coming out. But in terms of volume and quality iis the question. Brazil is the leader for many reasons, but the problem is that even with a super crop from brasil that is not enough for the raising demand and not sure if the world could consume only Robusta. 

4. How does Guatemala Coffee con exploit its value?

The only competitive advantage for the Guatemala coffee is Quality, quality and quality. There for we sould be constantly looking in ways to improve out quality in many forms: cup profile, purchase experience, reliable oriogin, enviromental awareness. 

5. How does the future of coffee look like?

Well my personal view is that, there is a market for good quality coffee at a fair price (not a rocket price wherer we see some micro lots and others) but at a fair reasonable price, where everybody in the supply chain adds value and get irs priece. Also for a coffe that is consistent each year and traceable to a farm level. Giving a roaster certainty of the origin and opportunity to offer a cup of coffee afordable for the consumer. 

Edwin Wolmers had devoted his life to coffee production and trade, with more than 30 years of experience. Finca's Bremen Manger since 2005.
written by Roberto Barrios J.